LS Networks to Participate in Town Hall Event for Expanding Fiber Infrastructure

LS Networks to Participate in Town Hall Event for Expanding Fiber Infrastructure

LS Networks, an Oregon telecommunications company based in Portland and owned exclusively by Oregonians, will participate in a Town Hall event on March 7, 2016, in conjunction with the Harney County Economic Development Office (HCED) to discuss expanding fiber infrastructure in Burns, Oregon. LS Networks already has a significant network deployed in Harney County, providing data transport and broadband internet services to education, government, judicial and healthcare facilities. The goal of the Town Hall is to evaluate the level of community support for increased fiber services. If feedback supports it, LS Networks will explore a program to build additional fiber infrastructure, expanding the availability of affordable broadband services to customers in the community.

“Increased fiber infrastructure could provide added incentive to the business recruitment and expansion programs currently in place at Harney County Economic Development,” said HCED Executive Director Randy Fulton. “We see a great opportunity to expand our fiber services and availability throughout Burns and Harney County,” said LS Networks CEO Michael Weidman. “We look forward to establishing the presence of affordable, high-quality broadband access to new businesses and public sector customers in the area.”

LS Networks is completing a network augmentation that is capable of providing Burns with 200 Gbps of bandwidth by March 2016, and working with local providers on increasing bandwidth speeds for residential use. With this expansion, LS Networks looks forward to providing seamless network services to local businesses and organizations.

About LS Networks

LS Networks is a privately held competitive local exchange and interexchange carrier, founded, based and headquartered in Portland, Oregon. LS Networks is committed to serving communities and businesses throughout the rural Northwest with the high-caliber equipment and network connectivity that other carriers typically deploy only in metropolitan areas. The company’s network is designed to deliver data and broadband IP services to any size institution, organization or campus in the Northwest.

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